Our 2017 fundraiser is here! 

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Water Walk-a-Thon is a fun-filled field day for our students to compete in water activities as they raise money for school-wide projects including brand new windows for our Preschool and Elementary Campus and much needed carpet for our Junior High and High School Campus! 

Our 2017 goal is $200,000! that's only $500 per student! 

How can we raise the money? By sharing our donation link to all our friends and family! Top earning students will receive some amazing prizes! 

How can families get involved? Parents and guardians are welcome to attend our school-wide chapel at The Bridge Church from 10:30-11:30 am. If you would like to donate your time and help our students have fun (and maybe have fun yourself) email your principal to sign up! 

Mrs. Gina Stott


Mrs. Stephanie Bracken


You can find a wish list below of items that we need to host our Water Walk-a-Thon. You may deliver these items to our school campuses during open office hours. 

Items Needed:

•Long Water Squirters

•Water Balloons

•Foam Pool Noodles

•Plastic Trashcans to Hold Water

•Large Plastic Tubs to Hold Water

•EZ Ups

•Ice Chests


(We will return trashcans, tubs, EZ Ups

& Ice Chests after event. Please be sure to

label your items with your name)

Snack/Lunch Items Needed:


•Paper Plates

•Cans of Nacho Cheese

•Large Bags of Tortilla Chips

•Bottles of Ketchup, Mustard & Relish

•Hot Dogs

•Hot Dog Buns

•Cases of Bottled Water

•Capri Sun Juice Pouches

•Sliced Oranges

•Sliced Watermelon

•Granola Bars

•8 oz. Styrofoam Cups

•Snow Cone Syrups

•Coffee Stir Straws

•Styrofoam Bowls




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