Spiritual Life

Bloomington Christian students attend daily Bible classes, weekly Chapels, and an annual Revival Week. 

Bible Classes

Each student takes a section of Bible every year. Preschool through high school, our students learn what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus, how to study the Bible, understand the fundamental stories and truths, and grow daily in their faith. 


Every Friday, students on each campus gather for worship, a Scriptural message, and prayer. Junior high and high school worship is student-led while preschool and elementary students are invited to participate in fun hand motions and singing. Pastors come from far and wide to share a message with our students. These speakers bring relevant and Godly words to our students and the message ends with prayer for the students. 

Notable Chapel Speakers

Ryan Holland, Youth Director of The Bridge Church

Craig Hamilton, Pastor of Church 242

Brian Simms, Pastor of CrossPointe Fontana

John Stewart, Pastor of 

David Zamora Sr., Pastor of LivingWay Fontana

Sarah Williams, Worship Leader at The Way World Outreach

Chris Wilson, Director of Missions and Outreach at Western Christian Schools

Jacob Montoya, 

Keisha Boyd, College and Career Director at Western Christian Schools

Glen Legrove

Revival Week

Annually, students and staff refocus during Revival Week. Chapel gathers daily and our speakers take students through a spiritual journey. Many students are refreshed, recommitted, or discover a new life with Jesus during this week as teachers reinforce ideas taught in Chapel. 


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