Principal's Welcome

I would like to offer you a warm welcome to Bloomington Christian School.  My name is Mrs. Stephanie Bracken, and it is my privilege to be serving here at Bloomington Christian as your junior high and high school principal. I have been blessed to call Bloomington Christian School my place of ministry for the last 17 years.  I am truly honored to be a BCS alumnus myself (’93) and see my three sons attend this school as well. I have a passion for educating today’s youth both academically and spiritually. 

Bloomington Christian School provides many educational choices to tailor an individual program that meets the needs of your student through a faith-based, rigorous, and cohesive curriculum. Your student will be challenged intellectually while growing spiritually within a family-like community.  We believe in equipping our students to graduate from Bloomington Christian School and smoothly transition to a four-year college or university by offering a College Path Diploma Track that meets and/or exceeds the University of California system’s A-G Requirements.  In addition to our traditional classroom-based courses, we also offer an extensive list of A-G and WASC approved online and dual enrollment courses.

Thank you for entrusting your child to us.  We know that you are making a great investment in your student’s future and are blessed that you are considering Bloomington Christian School to walk with you in this journey.

Mrs. Stephanie Bracken

Junior High and High School Principal



Through strong academic curriculum and stimulating extracurricular activities, Bloomington Christian high school students are prepared to enter the world as global leaders for Christ. Our passionate teachers help develop students into critical thinkers and help ready students  for success after graduation. Bloomington Christian offers top notch education with an extensive academic program. We believe in preparing our young adults by combining adaptive teaching methods with modern technology.

College Preparation

Students take college prep courses and have the opportunity to take honors, college prep, and AP courses. We currently have AP calculus available in house and a host of AP courses available online. Please see Mrs. Butler for more information about our AP courses.

We also take periodic standardized testing including school-wide Terra Nova testing as well as PSAT tests.

Bloomington Christian School works closely with Grand Canyon University to offer our students to enroll and complete real college courses while still in high school. Qualified sophomores, juniors, and seniors can earn transferable college credit and quick start their university experience. Grand Canyon University also offers Bloomington Christian School graduates competitive scholarships that allow our students a chance to continue their education at an affordable Christian university.

Learn more about Dual Enrollment here.

Resource Program

We have highly qualified, credentialed faculty members on both campuses who are dedicated to help each student achieve their academic goals. Through a focused, individualized approach to education that assesses unique learning styles and abilities for students with different learning needs. In our resource program, we strive to engage students by using all three learning modalities, (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) to make academic content accessible.



Every faculty member at Bloomington Christian has open enrichment hours scheduled throughout the week at no charge for students. Whether they need clarification on an assignment or extra attention for the subject, students have access to the personal assistance that is often needed throughout the school year.

Spiritual Development

Bloomington Christian offers Christ-centered curriculum that integrates Bibilical truths across all subjects. In addition, students take daily Bible classes, attend weekly, high-impact chapels with student-led worship, gather for lunchtime devotionals during Ravens' Rest, participate in an annual Revival Week, and are encouraged to attend The SLAM Youth Group, a fun weekly meeting for teens hosted at the East Campus and sponsored by The Bridge Church. 

Community Service

High school students are required to complete 25 hours of community service each semester. By the time a student who began her freshman year at BCS has graduated, she will have accumulated at least 200 hours of community service. Community service gives students valuable experience for college or the workforce and opens the door to show the love of Christ. 

The Bridge Church


Educational Travel​

At Bloomington Christian, we believe a student should use his or her education to learn about the world and glorify God in all areas of life. We offer students the opportunity to go on mission trips and educational excursions to broaden their experiences and give them a better understanding of the diverse world God has created.


Previous Trips:

  • 12 students went to Mexico to build houses.

  • 5 students went to Washington D.C. to tour the nation's capital.

  • 9 students went to China to visit Bloomington Christian sister schools.

  • Previous trips have also included locations like New York, Philadelphia, and Sacramento.


Educational Travel


Our award winning athletic program is a great opportunity for a student to pursue their passion for sports and learn valuable character traits through athletic competition. 

We offer CIF football, volleyball, baseball, basketball, softball, soccer, and cheerleading.



International Students

We are proud to have graduated 6 international students in the class of 2018. Bloomington Christian is proud of its diversity and looks forward to seeing the love of Christ spread throughout the globe. International students at our school thrive with the mix of academics, athletics, 

International Program



Building a Bridge of Christ's Love to Our World Through Christian Education

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