Bob Jones University Press

We are proud to use Bob Jones University Press curriculum throughout all grades. BJUP is one of the leading Christian curriculums and is praised for it's emphasis on Godly worldview and critical thinking. Bloomington Christian also recognizes BJUP's response to Common Core as it relates to incorporating sound academic teaching and a Christian perspective: "We do not limit ourselves to the level of the standards but go beyond, based on our philosophy of learning and sound educational practices. In other words, our materials exceed these Common Core State Standards in age-appropriate instruction and academic rigor."

Read more about their position on Common Core here. 

Resource Program

We have highly qualified, credentialed faculty members on both campuses who are dedicated to help each student achieve their academic goals. Through a focused, individualized approach to education that assesses unique learning styles and abilities for students with different learning needs. In our resource program, we strive to engage students by using all three learning modalities, (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) to make academic content accessible.



Every faculty member at Bloomington Christian has open enrichment hours scheduled throughout the week at no charge for students. Whether they need clarification on an assignment or extra attention for the subject, students have access to the personal assistance that is often needed throughout the school year.


International Students

We are proud to have graduated 6 international students in the class of 2018 and 13 students in the class of 2019. Bloomington Christian is proud of its diversity and looks forward to seeing the love of Christ spread throughout the globe. International students at our school thrive with the mix of academics, athletics, 

International Program



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