Student athletes are required to read and sign the Bloomington Christian Athletic Philosophy. Download a copy by clicking the link to the left. 

Beliefs of Bloomington Christian Athletic Program

1. We believe in playing by the rules.

We will exhaust every possible opportunity that might give us an advantage in competition and /or in life. However, we will never resort to cheating or foul play. We will not jeopardize the integrity of this program, this school system, or this community.

2. We believe in superior physical condition.

Every athlete will be expected to participate in the athletic program for the entire year. We believe that all athletes should participate in active “strength and conditioning” periods if they are not “in season”. We also believe that, while “in season”, athletes should continue to lift weights and run in order to maintain their physical strength and stamina. If we are going to make a “good” program “great”, we think it is imperative that every athlete make a commitment to becoming stronger and faster.

3. We believe in discipline.

We realize the importance of both discipline and self-discipline in this program and in life. Although every situation is dealt with on an individual basis, every athlete must believe that it is important to continuously strive to conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive to the program and his/her teammates. We support the guidelines set forth by the academic student handbook. We accept the decisions of officials without complaint, and we will be good sports at all times.


4. We will play the game with great enthusiasm.

We will not forget that contests are meant to be FUN. That is why we all began participating in athletics to begin with. There is no greater feeling than winning. Winning, however, is not the measure of success? Working hard, playing for the “love” of the sport, and never giving up are criteria that we will gauge our success by.

5. We believe in family.

There is nothing more important than our relationships with our families. This is true for our immediate family and our brothers and sisters in our “athletic family”. The communication and commitment to our families will prove to be the difference between being “good” or “great”. It is our goal that athletes, parents, coaches, faculty, and the community all believe in the same set of goals and values. With this, we hope that all parties will encourage and support decisions to produce great athletic programs and harvest individual athletes that will be successful in athletics and in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What forms are required?

Standard athletic forms are available to download by clicking the links to the left. Coaches may require additional forms that will be passed out along with informational packets. 

What are the eligibility requirements to participate in sports?

1. Pre-participation Physical Examination -  ALL athletes must have an annual/current physical on file with the Athletic Department EVERY YEAR.

2. Signed Athletic Policy - This is an annual form signed by student and the student’s parent or guardian stating that they have read and agree to abide by the rules set forth in the Athletic Handbook.

3. Academic Eligibility - If a student is rendered ineligible, they are not able to compete in a competition (but are still required to attend and participate in practices) beginning exactly one week after the ending date of the grading period. An athlete who is ineligible will be monitored in three week intervals. If the athlete is passing all courses at the end of one of the three week intervals, the athlete may regain eligibility. In this instance, the athlete will not be able to compete in a contest until one week after the end date for the review period.

4. Enrollment in Athletic Period - All athletes are encouraged to be enrolled in the athletic period for the entire year. We believe that the strength and conditioning gained during an athlete’s “off season” is valuable.

5. Failure to Complete a Sport - Any athlete who quits a sport will not be allowed to participate in another sport until the current season is complete. Each athlete is expected to fulfill his/her commitment (in some capacity) to the team. Exception: Athletes who choose to quit a sport during the “tryout window” will not be subject to this consequence.


Do sports teams hold practices in the summer? 

Yes, many teams (especially fall season teams) have mandatory summer practices.  The fall season starts the first day of school. Tryouts for teams with limited rosters will happen during the spring semester of the previous season. New students will have the opportunity to try out during the first week of school.


When do practices for each season begin? 

Coaches will distribute practice schedules to their athletes according to their season schedule.

            High School

                        Football & Volleyball: July

                        Basketball & Soccer: October

                        Baseball & Softball: January

            Junior High

                        Football & Volleyball: August

                        Baseball & Softball: October

                        Basketball & Soccer: March


                        Softball: October

                        Basketball: March


When are tryouts for sports teams held? 

Not every sport has tryouts, but those that do (teams with limited rosters) will conduct tryouts the first two days of the season with a final roster being posted by Friday of that same week.

Are there additional fees to be part of a sports team? 

Yes, all fees are paid through FACTS management. Athletes must pay two fees.

  • The first fee is the Athletic Fee. The Athletic Fee is a set amount. For both junior high and high school, football is $250.00 and all other sports are $125.00.

  • The second fee is the Spirit Pack. The Spirit Pack consists of the specific athletic attire and equipment that the sport requires as determined by the coach, so the fee varies in price by sport and season.  Coaches will advise athletes about the required fees once they have made the roster.


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