Jr. High Dress Code

Bloomington Christian Jr. High Dress Code

Solid color, stripped, or printed polos. Example of polos on the other side of this sheet.

No letters, names, numbers, or pictures are allowed on shirts (small insignias are fine). BCS wear is permitted on any day except Friday. 

Jerseys may only be worn on game day. 

Solid black, tan, or blue jeans bottoms only.  May include walking shorts (no shorter than 2 inches above the knee), Capris, or Skorts are also permitted. Skirts are not permitted.

Bottoms may be jean material, but loose fit is the rule.  No SKINNY pants of any kind will be allowed.  When shopping, be sure that pants can be pulled above the knee.

Friday dress is a black or tan polo and black, tan, or blue jean bottoms of any kind.

Jackets are to have NO letters, names, numbers, or pictures.

No tattoos of any sort, including washable and henna tattoos.

No unnatural hair dye colors such as purple, pink, blue, green, etc…