High School Dress Code

Bloomington Christian High School Dress Code

Bloomington Christian School bases its dress code on two criteria:

Biblical standards of modesty (1 Timothy 2:9 & Romans 12:1), and a desire to provide guidelines for the students personal safety.

Boys & Girls:

Tattoos are not to be visible. They must be covered by clothing.

No piercing of tongue, lips, eyebrows, nose, or cheeks or any visible body parts. Clear plugs are not allowed as a substitute. No earrings for boys.

No exterior hanging items allowed (which include but are not limited to, foxtails, chains, hats, etc)

No unclean, ragged, frayed, or ripped jeans permitted.

No dresses are permitted.

All bottoms must fit appropriately. (not to baggy or to tight and must remain at the waist). Boys and girls are allowed to wear shorts of any kind as long as they are no higher than 2 inches above the knee cap.  Keep in mind they must not be frayed, ripped, or ragged.

Sunglasses can only be worn outdoors.

No hoods allowed in the building or classrooms.

No tube tops, tank tops, or off the shoulder shirts allowed. Any sheer or laced tops must not expose undergarments or skin must be accompanied by some type of camisole. Any tops that reveal cleavage or midriff are not permitted.

No sweats or workout gear permitted. Team warm ups can be worn any time.

No PE uniforms are to be worn to any other classes.

Fridays all students must wear black or tan polo with black, tan, or blue jeans for bottom. Shorts and capris are allowed as long as within required color scheme.

No blanket, ear plugs, or headsets are allowed.

Boy's facial hair must be well groomed and presentable.

No inappropriate picture, logos, names, or innuendos on any clothing.

Review of this form is your official warning. 
1st  offence is a detention.
2nd offense is $20.00 work day.
3rd offense will result in Black polo tan pants as a school uniform for duration of school year.
4th offense – student goes before discipline board.

Students will change into appropriate clothing before attending classes.